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While in the past, facelifts and other surgical treatments were the only effective solutions for skin laxity, wrinkles, and other aging signs, new technology allows more patients to enjoy a rejuvenated appearance with non-invasive treatments. NeoGen PSR is an effective way to address aging signs as well as other skin concerns non-surgically using plasma skin tightening technology.

What is NeoGen PSR?

NeoGen PSR is a skin-tightening treatment which uses plasma technology to improve collagen and elastin production. The treatment uses nitrogen gas which is then converted into plasma energy, which is used to quickly heat the skin. This treatment is noninvasive and does not require any incisions or cause wounds in the skin, yet it is highly effective in promoting the body’s natural healing response, which leads to increased collagen and elastin. This helps the skin to appear firmer and more youthful while diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, uneven texture, or other skin concerns. The intensity of the treatment can be varied to diminish social downtime.

What is NeoGen PSR Treatment Like?

Before receiving NeoGen PSR treatment, a topical numbing cream may be applied to the treatment area. Then, pulses of plasma energy will be directed to the treatment area through a handpiece. NeoGen PSR is unique in that it does not result in columns of untreated skin as is the case with most laser treatments, so there are no areas of the skin which do not receive the effects of the energy. The tightening effects of NeoGen PSR are immediate, and will continue to improve over the following weeks and up to a year as new collagen and elastin forms.

What Does NeoGen PSR Treat?

NeoGen PSR is effective in treating a wide range of skin concerns for many skin types and light to medium skin tones.

In particular, the treatment is useful in treating fine lines and wrinkles around the eye area, which makes it unique as comparable treatments are typically not recommended for use around the eyes.

NeoGen PSR can be used to treat:

  • Fine lines and wrinkles
  • Sun damage
  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Irregular texture or mild skin laxity in the face, neck, chest, or hands
  • Scars including acne scars or surgical scars

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What to Expect From Your Neogen PSR Treatment

The signs of aging will catch up to all of us. It’s simply a matter of time. Exposure to the sun and health habits all contribute to how noticeable your wrinkles, loose skin, or age spots may be. Even if you do everything you are supposed to do to take care of yourself, you can’t
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Frequently Asked Questions

What are NeoGen PSR side effects?

The most common side effects of NeoGen PSR treatment are peeling, redness, swelling, and temporary hyperpigmentation. These are all normal stages of the healing process after treatment. Swelling can be treated with ice packs and cold compresses.

Is plasma skin tightening safe?

Plasma skin tightening is safe and non-invasive. The treatment results in only minor side effects which should last no more than ten days.

Can Neogen PSR leave scars?

NeoGen PSR does not require any incisions and should not result in scars. Some skin types and tones may not be suited to the treatment as it could result in permanent hyperpigmentation or scarring. A consultation will determine whether NeoGen PSR is right for you.

How long does it take to heal from NeoGen PSR?

Most patients choose to take about 3-7 days of social downtime after their NeoGen PSR treatment, as the early stages of healing result in peeling and redness of the treatment area. However, the healing process of NeoGen PSR is relatively fast, with most peeling complete after about five to ten days. Be sure to follow aftercare instructions carefully and avoid sun exposure as your skin heals from NeoGen PSR.