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NovaThreads are a non-invasive alternative to face lifts.Looking for the newest, cutting edge treatment for wrinkles and aging? NovaThreads are a nonsurgical, minimally invasive injection treatment to help restore depleted collagen, improve volume loss associated with aging, tighten the skin and create a lifting effect.

Novathreading employs the use of smooth and barbed sutures to promote the creation of new collagen as well as to help lift sagging tissue, not only in the face but throughout the body. Lifting results can be seen immediately and results can be seen for 6-15 months, depending on the area treated.

The threading procedure takes 30-45 minutes, in which time a number of threads are inserted just under the skin through tiny needles that deploy the sutures. NovaThreads lift and smooth the lower jaw.Thread lifting became popular over 10 years ago. Since that time many improvements and advancements have been made. FDA approved NovaThreads are now completely absorbable. Down time is minimal, with the most common side effect being mild bruising.

This groundbreaking technique has been featured on The Doctors and various other social media and local news outlets.

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