Vanquish Your Fat

Any time we do a consultation in regard to body fat, we hear how much it affects our patient’s confidence. Body image is something that many people struggle with. After having two children back to back, I know the battle all too well. It is especially hard when you see celebrities on social media platforms [...]

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Alastin TransForm Body Treatment

We have been performing body contouring treatments for a long time and are quite experienced when it comes to giving you the best results possible.  The skin care company Alastin has become a Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa favorite as most of our patients use the Alastin Skin Nectar and Alastin Restorative Serum.  We love [...]

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Which Non-Surgical Fat Reduction is Best for Me?

Although plastic surgery is quickly advancing with fat reduction techniques, surgery isn’t an option for everyone. While this might be one reason patients seek out non-surgical options, another reason is that non-surgical techniques have come a long way. CoolSculpting is one such technique in which fat cells are ‘frozen’ using cryolypolysis and eliminated through the [...]

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Alastin™ Skincare: The Products You Need in Your Fall Regimen

Even though you might still be enjoying the warm weather, it’s not too early to start digging out your cooler-weather skincare products. It’s also a great time to start revamping if you’re looking for something new. Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa offers Alastin Skincare, a highly-advanced, physician-grade skincare line designed to be used in tandem [...]

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Summer: What Treatments Will Help Me Stay On Top of My Skin?

When summer hits in Wisconsin, Wisconsinites take full advantage.  From cookouts, going up north, festivals, going out on your boat, we know you will be exposing your skin to the sun.  Typically, our lasers go silent- especially AFT- in the summer.  A good majority of our patients receive AFT starting in the fall months to [...]

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

It might feel like winter is still hanging on, but summer is on its way! That means more time with friends and family; more vacations; and more of your day spent soaking up that beautiful sunshine. But while you’re ready for summer, ask yourself, “Is my skin ready?” The cold air and overactive [...]

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Make Varicose Veins a Thing of the Past

We all want smooth, silky legs, right? While hydrating the skin and removing the hair is an important part of achieve that goal, veins often get in the way. Varicose veins are quite common - about one in every five adults has them. The severity will differ from person [...]

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Cellfina: Cellulite’s Worst Enemy

Cellulite is an area of concern for many people, particularly women. Nearly 90% of women and about 10% of men experience cellulite in some form during their lifetime. While it’s incredibly common, most people who have cellulite avoid certain types of clothing and try to hide it. The good news? We can help [...]

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Targeting Melasma with the New Spectra Laser

Melasma is a pigment disorder that affects mainly women. It causes dark skin discoloration most often on the face, but also sometimes on the neck, chest or arms. Melasma can occur in any ethnic group, with darker skinned individuals often having more apparent pigment irregularities. Although the etiology of melasma isn’t totally clear, [...]

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Anti-Aging for the Neck + Hands

As we get older, there two areas of the body which are known to show signs of aging more than others: the hands and the neck. While many treatments focus primarily on the facial skin, many of our clients inquire about options for these two often forgotten areas. Thankfully Revision Skincare has the [...]

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Boost Hair Growth with Theradome

We recently wrote about one of our newest treatments, PRP Hair Restoration. For those who have begun to see thinning in the hair, whether due to genetics or age, this is a fabulous way to boost growth and combat hair loss. PRP, or platelet rich plasma, has become useful in several aesthetic treatment [...]

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Reveal The Figure You’ve Always Wanted with Vanquish ME

As the medical spa that performs the most CoolSculpting treatments of any clinic in Wisconsin, we often have clients seek us out specifically for that service. Unfortunately, CoolSculpting not effective for everyone - it's best for those who are looking to address stubborn fat and tone or contour their figure, not dramatic weight [...]

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The Newest Fillers from Juvederm!

  For the last few years, fillers have been an incredible way to address areas of concern as we age. The main reason they're popular among our clients is because they're a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Thanks to advancements in aesthetic technologies, we now have more filler options than ever! About 3 years [...]

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The Beauty Behind Therapeutic Facials

The word "facial" is one which can be interpreted many ways. Many salons offer different types of facials as part of their portfolio of services. While these often feel luxurious and relaxing, they don't always provide a huge benefit for your skin. At our medispa in Pewaukee, we offer a variety of therapeutic facials. These [...]

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New at WVCMS: PRP Hair Restoration!

As we age, many of us experience hair loss. While some have it worse than others, it can be incredibly frustrating to deal with and even more frustrating to disguise. Thankfully, new technologies have come available to help restore and regrow lost or thinning hair. We're thrilled to announce a new treatment now [...]

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Freeze The Fat! CoolSculpting for the Whole Body

As specialists in CoolSculpting, the world's most popular non-invasive fat reduction treatment, we're often asked what areas can be treated. We're pleased to say...just about everywhere! CoolSculpting treatments are approved for use wherever you may have pinchable fat between the collar line and the knees. Plus, with the CoolMini, we can even address [...]

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Acne: What’s The Deal?

Most patients attribute their acne breakouts to oily skin, hormones during a menstrual cycle or stress. Acne patients buy multiple products for acneic skin that include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and sometimes even just dousing the lesions with alcohol. This causes a stripping of the acid mantel (a slightly acidic film that protects your skin [...]

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Why We Love Alastin

By: Leece LoCoco We encounter many different skincare products here at Wisconsin Vein Center & Medi Spa. It was a new day when we were approached by representatives from a new skincare company better known as, Alastin. They claimed to have a product that would rock the retail world of aesthetics and boy, they did [...]

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The Truth About Spider Veins

You've likely heard the term "spider veins." They're fairly common and are a problem for up to 70% of women at some point in their life. The good news is spider veins rarely have any symptoms associated with them, and are - for the most part - purely a cosmetic concern. Today we'd like [...]

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Preventing Excessive Sweating with Botox

When referring to Botox, many people likely think about its anti-aging properties. The most common use of Botox is to reduce the appearance of moderate to severe facial wrinkles, like crow's feet (around the eyes) and frown lines (between the brows). While it's incredibly effective for those issues, it can also be used to [...]

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Sunscreen for Every Skin Type

Keeping your skin protected from the sun is crucial, and daily use of sunscreen is the best way to do that. With so many sunscreen products on the market, it's important to understand which are most effective. Just as you read food labels to understand the nutrition facts, you should also read the [...]

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Say Goodbye to Varicose Veins

Varicose veins are incredibly common, especially among women. Nearly 25% of adults have varicose veins, often on the lower half of the legs. Aside from their bothersome appearance, varicose veins can also cause some serious symptoms regarding your health. Heaviness in the legs, fatigue, swelling, aching, and other issues are often attributed to aging. [...]

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Products We Love: Nectifirm®

Our patients often come to us searching for in-office treatments, but great skincare doesn't stop there! We offer a full line of products from leading brands. When used in combination with our in-office treatments, these products can help deliver phenomenal results for a variety of concerns. As we age, there are certain areas [...]

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Banish Cellulite with Cellfina

Listen up ladies...this one's for you. There's always been a problem that about 60-70% of us women deal with: cellulite. Cellulite is, to put it simply, persistent fat under the skin that causes the skin to appear dimpled. Usually present on the back or sides of the thighs or buttocks, it can be quite the [...]

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Superior Milwaukee Skin Tightening Results with Exilis Ultra

With summer coming up, we're all thinking about the bright sunshine, warm weather, and great summer fashions. With that being said, the rise in temperatures means baring a bit more skin! At Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, we help women and men throughout Greater Milwaukee and Waukesha feel more confident with state-of-the-art skin tightening and [...]

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Discover Microneedling at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa

If you're searching for a simple way to rejuvenate your skin, microneedling may be the answer. Using a small device, our skincare experts create micro-channels with minute needles, leaving behind normal skin in tact. This allows for extremely rapid healing with slight irritation of the skin. New skin is then able to come to [...]

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6 Tips For Winter Skin Home Care

This cold weather can really get one feeling blue. Seriously, if you don’t have to be here enduring the cold, don’t stay  :-)   Chapped lips. Chapped hands. Chapped faces. Although Wisconsin has had a seasonably warm winter so far, the dry, chapped nature of our skin still exists. So what can you do about [...]

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Is Volbella Permanent or Not?

Want the kind of fill, lush lips that will make you look like you walked straight off of a cover of a magazine? You’re not alone.  Millions of Americans are fascinated with bigger lips, thanks in part to social media and celebrity makeup products (Kylie Jenner lip kits, anyone?).  That’s why we’re excited to announce [...]

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What is the difference between CoolSculpting and CoolMini?

CoolSculpting by Zeltiq Aesthetics is a non-surgical body contouring procedure that freezes away unwanted fat for good. If you have stubborn fat deposits that you can’t seem to get rid of despite a good diet and a regular exercise regimen, CoolSculpting can help you regain shape in these areas. More recently Zeltiq came out with [...]

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What You Need to Know About Dermal Fillers!

When it comes to popular anti-aging facial injections, most people have heard of Botox. But if you thought anti-wrinkle injections begin and end with Botox, then it’s time to introduce yourself to the volumizing powers of dermal fillers. What Are Dermal Fillers? While Botox is designed to relax facial muscles – thus smoothing out the [...]

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Dye VL treatment

Our skin suffers daily from damage caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. There are many options available today to prevent and reverse visible skin damage. A good skin care regimen is the most beneficial for prevention and should be used in conjunction with medical based light treatments. The Wisconsin Vein Center and MediSpa now offers [...]

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The Benefits of PRP Treatment With Microneedling

It’s likely you’ve heard of platelet-rich plasma treatments before – but did you know you could take this rejuvenating treatment to the next level with microneedling? Microneedling with the Eclipse MicroPen is an innovative handheld device that creates tiny punctures within the skin to promote enhanced collagen production. These micro-punctures can also be useful for [...]

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Does CoolSculpting Actually Work?

What if we told you there’s a way to eliminate stubborn fat on your belly, arms, and thighs – without requiring invasive liposuction surgery? Sure, it may sound too good to be true. But the truth is that there’s an FDA-approved treatment out there designed to help contour the body and remove unwanted fat bulges. [...]

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Patient Review of Dr. Manjoney for Vein Removal

A happy patient describes her experience with Dr. Manjoney and the Wisconsin Vein Center & Medi Spa. She found the practice through an Internet search for "varicose veins" and then came in for a consultation. After a great experience with Dr. Manjoney for her sclerotherapy leg vein treatment, she discovered even more anti-aging procedures available!

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A Collection of Varicose Vein Before & After Cases

Do you suffer from varicose veins? Varicose veins are twisted, enlarged veins, often dark blue in color, near or raised above the surface of the skin. Varicose veins are often a symptom of an underlying condition called venous insufficiency. For more information about treating varicose veins call 262-236-5179.

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Laser Treatment for Spider Veins on Nose

When most people think of spider veins, they tend to think about those patches of red and purple veins that show up on the legs.  But many people also know from first-hand experience that spider veins can be present on the nose! Facial spider veins aren’t uncommon, unfortunately, they can still be frustrating to deal [...]

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What’s the Recovery for Injectables Like Wrinkle Filler or Botox?

Looking to turn back the hands of time? You don’t need a time machine to get the smooth, flawless-looking skin you once had in your youth. In fact, all you need to do is head to the Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa – the premier Milwaukee destination for people ready to look younger in mere [...]

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Want Younger-Looking Hands – In Mere Minutes?

You consider yourself vigilant about keeping your face and neck looking as young as possible.  You regularly slather on moisturizing creams and special serums, all of which are designed to help minimize the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.  You also keep your undereye area looking hydrated and de-puffed, since it’s key to looking refreshed [...]

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Does CoolSculpting Really Work?

Let’s face it. You’ve seen your fair share of commercials promising you permanent fat reduction.  Whether it’s through a diet or a unique treatment, these ads seem to promise you the world… Only to fail to deliver time and time again. Have You Heard of CoolSculpting? It probably explains why you may be a little [...]

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Botox vs. Juvederm: Which One’s Better?

It seems as though there are a lot of products out there promising to help you recapture your youth.  From anti-aging creams and serums to intensive night treatments and face masks, all of these treatments try to deliver stellar results.  However, no matter what these treatments might promise you, they just can’t compare to the [...]

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Non-Invasive Alternatives to Liposuction

When it comes to achieving a dream body, there’s no denying that many people often need a little extra help to whittle away trouble spots.  Sometimes a healthy diet and exercise aren’t always enough to achieve a slimmer, more contoured body. Sometimes, you need liposuction. Liposuction remains one of the most popular surgical procedures in [...]

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Toss The Razors With Laser Hair Removal!

Sick of shaving? Tired of having to deal with unwanted hair, ingrown hairs, and red bumps? Laser hair removal might be the answer for you! Here at Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa, we use Alma's Soprano 810-nm diode laser (the gold standard in laser hair removal) to provide comfortable treatment with little to no irritation, [...]

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The Importance of Sun Protection

Ever wonder why some women seem to have younger looking skin than their counterparts? Genetics certainly plays a role, but the main offenders that age the skin are sun and pollution. As summertime gives a hint that it really may arrive this year, following one of the worst winters in recent history, many will forgo [...]

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The Loaded Questions On Wrinkle Fillers

They Are Loaded Questions: “How long does wrinkle filler last?”, “Which filler should I get?”, and “How much do I need?”Long Lasting? One of the questions a lot of our clients and potential clients want to know is, “If I get filler, how long will it last?” It’s not as simple to answer as you [...]

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Exilis Elite for Skin Tightening and Fat Reduction

Reshape Your Future With A Non-Invasive, Fat-Melting, Skin Tightening Treatment Safety and effectiveness are combined in one of our favorite treatments for skin tightening and fat reduction. Exilis Elite is a state-of –the-art device that uses focused radiofrequency energy to achieve skin tightening and body contouring in a very affordable technique. This new generation device [...]

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