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Skin Tightening and More with Infini

Skincare and medical aesthetic treatments have come a long way over the last decade. Not only are there more options than ever before, but they’re more accessible! For our patients throughout the Milwaukee and Waukesha areas, one of our most popular treatments is Infini.

What, exactly, is Infini?

Infini is actually a combination of two treatments – microneedling and radio frequency heat. By combining the two, we find patients see even better results. As we perform microneedling across the surface of the facial skin, we simultaneously apply radio frequency heat. This allows the heat to penetrate deeper into the tissue beneath the superficial layer of the skin.

Why is it so great?

The anti-aging benefits are unmatched. With Infini, we can achieve the best type of skin tightening results possible. Radio frequency has been used on the surface of the skin for years, but this combination treatment takes it to the next level. The goal is to help improve the elastin and collagen response, which in turn tightens the skin.

How do the treatments work?

There are about 49 needles in the microneedling device. During the treatment, the needles penetrate into the dermis (the underlying layers of the skin) to three different depths to allow controlled delivery of the radio frequency heat. As the coagulation zones created during the treatment heal, growth of collagen and elastin is boosted. Recovery time is very rapid – the incredibly fine needles we use allow us to spare the epithelium (outer layer of the skin) as much as possible. For most patients, we recommend three Infini treatments to be performed about a month apart.

What else can Infini do?

We’ve had much success with performing Infini treatments on patients for a number of other concerns including acne treatment, acne scarring, resurfacing, and wrinkle reduction.

Whether you’re looking for superior skin tightening results or want to learn more about the many other benefits of Infini treatments, we encourage you to schedule a consultation. Call us at 262.746.9088 or visit us in Pewaukee today!

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