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The Newest Fillers from Juvederm!

For the last few years, fillers have been an incredible way to address areas of concern as we age. The main reason they’re popular among our clients is because they’re a non-invasive alternative to surgery. Thanks to advancements in aesthetic technologies, we now have more filler options than ever!

About 3 years ago we began to offer an injectable called Voluma by Juvéderm. As we age, we begin to lose volume in the middle are of our faces. Used primarily on the cheeks, Voluma is used to restore volume to that area and create a more youthful appearance.

Now, two new fillers have been added to the Juvéderm family!

The first is Volbella. Designed as a counterpart to Juvéderm Ultra, which adds more fullness to the lips themselves, Volbella was tailored to add more subtle volume to the lips, and smooth the appearance of vertical lines throughout the lips.

The second is Vollure, which is the newest addition. This particular injectable can be used to address moderate to severe parentheses – the lines and wrinkles we begin to see in the area between the nose and sides of the mouth as we age. It works wonders by adding volume to the area for subtle, long-lasting results. Vollure can be used to add volume to the chin, as well!

All three of these fillers from Juvéderm are special in that they last longer than anything else that’s been available for these areas. All hyaluronic acid-based, these three products create a wonderful trifecta of fillers to treat the problems of aging in our skin.

Keep that youthful appearance with these wonderful fillers, and consider these lovely Juvéderm products! Give us a call at 262.746.9088 to schedule consultation where we can customize a plan to your needs.

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