What to Expect From Your Neogen PSR Treatment

//What to Expect From Your Neogen PSR Treatment

What to Expect From Your Neogen PSR Treatment

The signs of aging will catch up to all of us. It’s simply a matter of time. Exposure to the sun and health habits all contribute to how noticeable your wrinkles, loose skin, or age spots may be. Even if you do everything you are supposed to do to take care of yourself, you can’t stop yourself from getting older. However, you can choose medical aesthetic procedures that will make it look like you have turned back the hands on the clock of time. Neogen PSR treatment is a regeneration procedure that can help you to bring back a more youthful appearance to your skin. Whether you are concerned about your face, your hands, or your neck, the right treatment can smooth and tighten your skin.

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What Happens During a Neogen PSR Treatment?

A Neogen PSR treatment uses plasma energy in order to revitalize your skin. Plasma used for this procedure should not be confused with plasma taken from your blood. This plasma is considered a highly energized form of nitrogen gas. This device is used to heat the surface of your skin. As the pulses of energy surge over the surface of targeted skin, the deeper tissue is evenly heated. Once the procedure is over, it will turn your skin immediately pink and feel like a sunburn. It will gradually turn light brown. Eventually, the treated skin will subtly flake away. Within seven to ten days of your treatment, the healthy skin beneath the surface will be revealed.

What Kind of Results Can You Expect After Your Procedure?

After your Neogen PSR treatment, you will see tighter tissue, more uniform skin tone, and fewer wrinkles. It’s all about getting to the healthy skin beneath the surface of aging or flawed skin. The heat of the treatment promotes the production of collagen, making your skin more elastic. Firmer skin means fewer age lines. The healthy skin beneath the surface will not show the damages caused by the sun and weather. You’ll look refreshed and younger when you take advantage of this innovative treatment.

What Kind of Downtime Can You Expect After a Neogen PSR Treatment?

You’ll be waiting for your treated skin to peel for up to ten days. The top layer of skin creates a natural bandage that protects the fresh skin beneath the surface. You may want to stay at home for at least three days following the procedure or wait until all the old skin has peeled away to reveal your transformation. Be sure to protect your skin after your treatment with a recommended moisturizer and physical sunblock to maintain healthy results.

Find Out What a Difference a Neogen PSR Treatment Can Make for You

If you are looking for a non-invasive approach to rejuvenate your skin, Neogen PSR treatments could be the solution for you. Contact your team of experts at Wisconsin Vein Center and MediSpa to schedule an appointment. This consultation will give you the opportunity to discuss all of your options while you have an evaluation from a professional. Call today to start the process of looking and feeling younger.

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