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Your-Skin-Care-Routine-WiMediSpa-Pewaukee-WISticking to a regular skincare routine isn’t easy, especially when there so many new products and tools promising to give you a flawless complexion. However, it isn’t just about finding the right products for your face, but also about eliminating bad skin care habits.  This is why meeting with a skin care professional is so important.

Some common skin care product mistakes:

Misdiagnosing Your Skin Type

Your dry winter skin may actually develop into combination or oily skin come summertime. Know your skin type, year round.   Skin changes with the seasons.  Or you may feel you break out because of oily skin, when in fact, your skin is over exfoliated and is trying to compensate by producing excess oil.  Knowing your skin is the essential first step in beautiful skin.

Using The Wrong Products

We’ve all got an overabundant supply of skin care treatment products we think aren’t doing the job.  We may have purchased on a whim, bought into the hype, or assumed that if it worked for our friend, it was right for us.  Not all skin care products are created equal and most are not a “one size fits all”.

Not Sticking To A Skin Care Treatment Routine

Don’t bail on a new skincare routine too soon! Your skin may take time to adapt to a new skin care treatment or routine.  It’s not unusual to expect dryness, breakouts, or mild irritation as your new products start to work.  That being said, some people react to some skin care treatment products better than others.  Please call us with any concerns you may have before you decide any skin care treatment product is not working for you OR if you feel your skin is reacting unusually to a product.  We can then fine tune your routine accordingly.

Applying Products Incorrectly

Sometimes a product may be right for you but it won’t work if not applied correctly or at the proper time.  Sometimes we buy in to “more is better” and overuse a product.  Sometimes we use too many products at once.  And sometimes we just apply products in the wrong order.  Some skin care treatment products won’t absorb well if you layer them improperly.  We can give you a written regimen so you can better understand the best avenue for your skin.

Using The Same Skin Care Treatment Products For Too Long

Like your hair, your skin can become dull from being too accustomed to certain products. It may be time to shake up your regimen to wake your skin up.

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