ClearLift (Pixel Q-Switch)

//ClearLift (Pixel Q-Switch)

Signs of aging gradually appear as we get older. Have you started to notice some visible signs of aging? Have wrinkles, lines, and uneven pigmentation started to inhibit your self-esteem? Then you should consider getting a ClearLift treatment done here at Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa. Our team offers many different skin resurfacing treatments to help our patients get youthful, beautiful skin again. Skin resurfacing with fractional lasers has helped many people reverse the signs of aging. Unlike topical creams, laser skin resurfacing works deep in the underlying tissues to fight those fine lines, wrinkles, and the uneven skin tone that often accompanies growing older. Fractional laser treatments can even reduce the appearance of acne scarring. The fractional laser treatments are increasingly being used at many practices across the nation because it helps patients to reach their skin care goals.

This popular and long accepted technology has normally been ablative, meaning that some portion of the top layer of skin is deliberately damaged. Some people, however, wish to avoid all ablative procedures. With those folks in mind, Alma Lasers is happy to introduce the new, non-ablative ClearLift Treatment.

The revolutionary ClearLift Treatment delivers a controlled, pixilated wound at the proper depth without harming the overlying epidermis. What does this mean for you? Easy answer – the benefits of skin remodeling occur under the protection of a complete epidermis. In other words, the ClearLift Treatment allows for fractional laser resurfacing without that top layer skin damage! ClearLift will only treat the specific area chosen by you and your doctor. So, is the new non-ablative ClearLift Treatment the right skin resurfacing technology to make you Pixel Perfect™? It depends on your aesthetic goals, the condition of your skin, and the specific concerns you have. One thing’s for certain, you won’t find this non-ablative laser technology just anywhere. It is exclusive to Alma Laser’s professionals. So, talk to our Patient Care Coordinator or clinician so we can not only answer your questions but help you make an informed decision. Don’t put off reclaiming your youthful glow any longer.

Patient Testimonial

“From the beginning, the staff has been very friendly, made me comfortable, and have made this process go very smoothly. I always trusted their opinion and decision making with the course of my treatment. I would highly recommend the Wisconsin Vein Center and their staff.”
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Why Choose Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa?

If you are looking to achieve the complexion of your dreams, Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa can help! Dr. Manjoney and her team work together to ensure that you achieve the best possible care for natural-looking and beautiful results! By incorporating cutting-edge skincare technologies with our team’s artistic eye, you can feel confident you are in good hands.

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Treatment Plans Customized to You

They say no two snowflakes are alike, and the same can be said about our skin. Each of the clients we see at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa comes to us with a problem or concern, and we work to resolve them through the use of custom treatments. At many spas, after a skincare consultation,
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ClearLift Treatment

ClearLift FAQ

How Long Do Results from ClearLift Last?

The results of your ClearLift treatment varies among patients. Typically, the results from this treatment have been shown to last for up to six months. This can be dependent based on lifestyle and genetic factors.

How Many ClearLift Treatments are Required?

Depending on the skin concern that needs to be treated, as well as the individual concerns and needs of each patient, the number of treatments will vary. Typically, patients should undergo between three and five ClearLift treatments. Treatments are usually done at four-week intervals.