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Performed by Medical Aestheticians
Treatment Type Body Contouring
Downtime None
# of Treatments series of 4 treatments

What is VanquishME?


Having a slim, toned appearance is a popular desire for most people now-a-days. Have you always had some areas of your body that you wish could be more toned? Most people have some areas of concern no matter how fit they are. Often, you can exercise and eat healthily but still have stubborn fat pockets that won’t go away with these methods alone.

At Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa we want to make sure our patients feel confident about themselves which is why we offer various body sculpting treatments so you can achieve your best look. One of the most popular, noninvasive body sculpting treatments we offer is the BTL VanquishME. This is a great treatment for our patients who do not want a complex surgery. This comes with no extensive downtime, no incisions, and quick results so you know that it is working. Why wait any longer to have your ideal look? We can help you to achieve your desired results today. Come into Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa for a VanquishME Consultation.

More About VanquishME in Greater Milwaukee

If you are looking to achieve the contours of your dreams, Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa can help! Dr. Manjoney and her team of experts work together to ensure that you achieve the best possible care, incorporating the world’s best non-surgical body contouring procedures.

BTL VANQUISHME™ (Maximum Energy) is the second generation of the Vanquish contactless technology for body shaping and circumferential reduction of the abdomen. This non-invasive technology reduces stubborn fat around the midsection. The VanquishME device creates high-frequency energy that precisely targets the fat layer while protecting the skin, achieving 50% more fat reduction than the original Vanquish.

vanquishme in greater milwaukee

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VanquishME Treatment Areas

Debulking areas of fat

How Does VanquishME Work?

VanquishME is a “no touch” treatment and game changer in the non-surgical fat reduction and body contouring industry. Even if you are many pounds overweight, the Vanquish ME treatment will be able to reduce fat cells in your abdomen over the course of about four to six treatment sessions. With this full “flank to flank” body treatment, you don’t have to worry about unevenness or lines of demarcation because both your abdomen and love handles are targeted simultaneously.

Because the entire procedure is contactless, the only thing our patients typically feel is a warm sensation in the treated area (which may last for a few hours post-therapy). This non-invasive treatment is performed in a lying position, so you can easily relax during the procedure. The treatment itself takes less than an hour, so you can even have the treatment during your lunch break or between errands and return to your daily activities immediately.


Why Choose Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa?

Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa is a physician-owned and operated facility. At the core of our practice is a dedication to providing the most effective treatments and products available to create results patients can be proud of.

With a state-of-the-art facility, advanced treatments, and an experienced team of experts, our med spa in Greater Milwaukee provides the highest standard of care.

Just minutes away from Milwaukee and Waukesha, our facility provides the comfort of a relaxed spa environment designed for women and men of all ages. We focus on enhancing your wellness and beauty, with the additional benefit of an on-site physician in order to offer more advanced treatments and procedures than a traditional spa.




Check out these frequently asked questions about VanquishME.

Am I a candidate for VanquishME?

Ideal candidates for VanquishME are men and women aged 21 and older who have stubborn pockets of fat but are otherwise in good shape.

What is the difference between VanquishME and CoolSculpting?

Both treatments are great non-surgical body contouring procedures! CoolSculpting uses cool technology to freeze fat cells while VanquishME uses radiofrequency energy to eliminate fat.



Check out these frequently asked questions about vanquish me.

A medical aesthetician will assist you in designing a treatment plan during your complimentary consultation that is based on your personal goals for your appearance. The length of the appointment will depend on how many areas are being treated during one visit.

A CoolSculpting treatment can take 35 to 60 minutes, but some people have more than one treatment during an appointment. You may also want additional appointments to achieve optimal results. We will also discuss additional phases to achieve optimal correction at your consultation.

CoolSculpting targets fat cells underneath the skin with controlled cooling. The treated fat cells become frozen, which causes programmed cell death. The body naturally metabolizes the dead fat cells and eliminate them from the body.

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