Growing Older/Looking Younger: What can cosmetic injections do for you?

//Growing Older/Looking Younger: What can cosmetic injections do for you?

Growing Older/Looking Younger: What can cosmetic injections do for you?

The age-old question: Do I or don’t I? When we are young, we think in absolutes. The “I will never…I will never look old! I will never get a face lift! I will never color my hair!” The list goes on and on. Then suddenly reality sets in, and along with a few wrinkles, things are no longer black and white, but more gray (not unlike the hair we have colored once a month). Technology and research continue to amaze us with what is available in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement.There are many procedures we can consider that will turn back the hands of time without the need for surgery! As a matter of fact, many of the non-surgical options look more natural. You will just look fresher and more youthful, not pulled taut or with eyes that won’t close. Neurotoxins, such as Botox®, and the vast array of modern fillers can address many signs of aging. Corrections for concerns ranging from fine lines to deep wrinkles, fat volume loss of the cheeks and chin to hollow temples can be easily achieved. Your physician or clinical specialist can customize your treatment to meet your desires and help you choose which product is right for you.

Botox® cosmetic is an FDA approved treatment that will smooth frown or expression lines on the forehead and around the eyes within about seven days and lasts up to four months. It is administered into the facial muscle, blocking the chemicals that cause the muscles to contract. Ten minutes and a few tiny injections will result in a more relaxed and younger appearance.

Hyaluronic wrinkle fillers, such as Juvéderm, Voluma, Restylane, and Belotero or a different category of filler, Radiesse are all used in our practice depending on the needs of the patient. Combining artistry with superior medical technique, the injection of our long-lasting fillers will achieve immediate and remarkable results. They can be used to fill in the creases from the sides of the nose to the corners of the mouth, small lines above the lip, turn up a turned down mouth, and replace lost volume to the cheeks. Education is key, but we don’t expect the lay person to choose the treatment. Work with an expert who can evaluate your face and make suggestions. The injectables are all safe, non-surgical simple procedures that can fit into a busy schedule.

So now, when you think of things in “absolutes”, why not think of how absolutely fabulous you can look and feel.

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