agnes rf microneedling in milwaukee

Change Your Complexion Inside & Out

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Performed by Doctors
Treatment Type Microneedling + Radiofrequency Energy
Downtime Full skin recovery takes about three days.
# of Treatments Varies

A Revolutionary Microneedling Treatment


Agnes RF Microneedling is a unique new treatment that uses tiny microneedles to penetrate the skin at a specific depth and release radiofrequency (RF) energy.

By combining microneedling and RF energy, Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa can offer a minimally invasive treatment combination capable of reversing the signs of aging. With its ability to stimulate collagen production below the skin’s surface, Agnes can help patients reduce the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, scars, stretch marks, and smaller areas of loose skin.


Originally created as a long-lasting remedy for active acne, AGNES RF has proven its remarkable effectiveness in rejuvenating the face, jaw, and eye areas, making it an ideal non-surgical solution for facial and neck contouring. It achieves these outcomes by blending precision microneedling with radiofrequency to activate fibroblasts, prompting collagen production and delivering results often compared to a facelift or eyelid lift. This treatment smooths, tightens, and sculpts the skin.

More About Agnes RF Microneedling in Greater Milwaukee

If you are looking to achieve the complexion of your dreams, Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa can help! Dr. Manjoney and her team of experts work together to ensure that you achieve the best possible care, incorporating cutting-edge skincare treatments for beautiful, natural results.

agnes rf microneedling in greater milwaukee

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Why Agnes RF Microneedling?

Agnes RF Microneedling works to:

Increase Collagen Production: The Agnes RF microneedling process encourages skin rejuvenation, as it promotes your own skin cells to do generate new collagen, which leads to brighter, smoother skin.
Improve Topicals: After an Agnes RF microneedling treatment, your at-home skincare should improve significantly. Because the skin generates new collagen, your products will penetrate much easier.
Cost Effective: Agnes RF microneedling in Greater Milwaukee is a simple, yet effective treatment for scarring and other texture problems. However, it's also very affordable given how much "heavy lifting" it can do.


Why Choose Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa?

Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa is a physician-owned and operated facility. At the core of our practice is a dedication to providing the most effective treatments and products available to create results patients can be proud of.

With a state-of-the-art facility, advanced treatments, and an experienced team of experts, our med spa in Greater Milwaukee provides the highest standard of care.

Just minutes away from Milwaukee and Waukesha, our facility provides the comfort of a relaxed spa environment designed for women and men of all ages. We focus on enhancing your wellness and beauty, with the additional benefit of an on-site physician in order to offer more advanced treatments and procedures than a traditional spa.


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