Get A Leg Up On Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy!Milwaukee

//Get A Leg Up On Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy!

Get A Leg Up On Spider Veins with Sclerotherapy!

I often hear people say, “I’m going on vacation, I would love to wear shorts”, or “My child is getting married, I would love to wear a dress to the wedding”. These are just a few of the comments I hear when meeting someone for the first time. Women and men of all ages struggle with cosmetic spider veins. Not many know that treatment is available to manage the appearance of spider veins.

Keep in mind, sclerotherapy is not a “one and done treatment”. Treatments are scheduled every 6 weeks and, on average, most people will need 3 sessions per area to achieve an improvement of 70% or better in the appearance of the spider veins. The treatments are tolerable, involve little to no risk, and are performed by the clinicians in the office. It is important to stay active following treatments, so this is a procedure that can be done before work, on a lunch hour or whenever it’s convenient. Your legs will need about 7-10 days of healing time, so try to schedule the appointment around special events.

The most effective sclerotherapy treatment is performed using a combination of a diode laser and injections. The surface laser is used to reduce the size and appearance of the spider veins while the injections address the veins feeding into them. By injecting into the feeding veins, we are able to close the vessels thereby preventing future spider veins from forming in the treated area. Using this method, in a series of treatments, will permanently reduce the appearance of the spider veins.

It is required to wear a compression garment following treatment. But don’t panic, it is only for one week. This keeps the veins compressed resulting in a better treatment. Compression hose are also great to wear when travelling or on a day when you know you’ll be on your feet all day.

Setting up a consultation with Dr. Manjoney is the first step. At the appointment, we will discuss your concerns and recommended treatment. Give us a call; we look forward to meeting you.

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