Hair Restoration with PRP

//Hair Restoration with PRP

Hair loss and thinning plague more than 56 million Americans. If you’ve experienced it, you probably know it can be frustrating when it feels like nothing works. Fortunately, there’s no need to hide it! New advancements in Platelet-Rich Plasma, or PRP, have been proven to gradually restore hair and boost confidence. PRP has been featured on Good Morning America and is quickly becoming one of the most popular treatment options for hair loss. We’re proud to offer this effective option so you can feel like the best, most youthful version of yourself again.

PRP is a byproduct of your own blood. Once a sample is collected, it can be spun down, separating out the platelet-rich plasma from the heavier red and white blood cells. These platelets have a high number of essential proteins called growth factors. These growth factors, once injected into the scalp in the areas of thinning or loss, can stimulate and boost natural hair growth. This is an all-natural way to combat thinning hair without the risks of side effects or reaction from harsh ingredients.

With PRP for hair growth, your growth factors and stem cells work together to reverse miniaturization, the process in which the hair follicle becomes thinner, shorter, and more brittle.

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This procedure takes approximately 30 minutes, with initial treatment occurring once a month for four months. Results are typically seen in 3-6 months, and you’ll need to undergo touch-up appointments every few months beyond that.

PRP is an excellent option for restoring hair growth without harsh chemicals. To get started on your hair regrowth journey, call 262-236-5179 today for your Milwaukee and Waukesha area Hair Restoration with PRP consultation!

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Hair Restoration with PRP FAQS

What are growth factors?

Growth factors are proteins that naturally occur in your body and are responsible for some important things. In general, they help manage your cells and their many different functions, including growth cycles and cell reproduction. Over time, your body’s regenerative functions slow down, causing hair to thin or stop growing. A concentrated dose of growth factors can help your body jumpstart the hair growth process again.

What is the difference between PRP and stem cells?

PRP and adult stem cells are very similar in their goals and can be extremely beneficial when it comes to hair restoration. In fact, you can often benefit from utilizing them both together. Both contain growth factors (stem cells to a much higher degree, in fact), but stem cells derived from adipose tissue contain mesenchymal cells which can help restore and replace some of the mechanisms that contribute to hair growth. When paired with growth factors, you can often achieve great results.

What is PRP Microneedling?

Although PRP can be effective on its own when injected into the scalp, you can often benefit from microneedling techniques at the same time. This means that a stamping device like SkinPen® creates extremely small channels in the skin. After this, the PRP can be introduced deeper into the skin so that your body can make better use of it. This helps the PRP reach down into the follicles where it can jumpstart their functions. When PRP Microneedling is performed on the face, it’s often called the ‘Vampire Facial’.

Does PRP hair restoration actually work?

There are a lot of gimmicky products and devices out there that promise to regrow hair while rarely producing results. That’s because the science of hair restoration is a difficult one. PRP has become well-known as one of the best options available; however, it’s important to keep in mind that PRP works best as a preventative treatment when you notice the first signs of thinning or loss. If you have advanced or complete hair loss, we can discuss your alternatives.

How long does PRP hair treatment last?

Most patients see long-term results with PRP treatments as long as they continue to undergo touchup appointments on a regular schedule. It’s likely that you’ll see a return in thinning and reduced growth if you stop PRP treatments.

Is PRP better than hair transplant?

The best option for you can depend on factors like your goals and comfort level with minimally-invasive procedures. Generally, hair transplant can be better for more extensive hair loss while PRP is best for hair thinning and early stages of hair loss.

Is PRP better than Rogaine?

Yes! PRP is a professional treatment option that can produce excellent results. Over-the-counter products can be a great place to start when you notice hair loss or thinning, but you may need more extensive options for best results as your hair continues to thin.

Is PRP covered by insurance?

Most major insurance companies do not offer coverage for PRP treatments. However, we encourage each patient to double check with their provider before their appointment.

How long does platelet rich plasma take to work?

Most patients begin to see results from PRP after a few weeks to months. Because of the way the hair growth cycle works, it can take multiple treatment cycles to see full results.

What are the benefits of PRP?

Many patients prefer PRP for its easy treatment sessions and no downtime. Additionally, PRP uses your own natural tissues and processes, reducing the risks.






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