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The Loaded Questions On Wrinkle Fillers

They Are Loaded Questions: “How long does wrinkle filler last?”, “Which filler should I get?”, and “How much do I need?”Long Lasting? One of the questions a lot of our clients and potential clients want to know is, “If I get filler, how long will it last?” It’s not as simple to answer as you may think. We all hear the standard “up to a year” answer, but there are many factors such as client age, health of the skin, type of filler, area being filled, and so on that come into play. We even offer the newest filler that can last up to two years! One of the many reasons we have our clients meet with our Patient Care Coordinator is to come up with a treatment plan that best suits each clients’ needs. With her help, we can determine which wrinkle filler is best for the area/s you want treated and also help you with products that can prolong/enhance your treatment, as well as get your skin looking its healthiest. Things to consider when choosing a wrinkle filler:Type of wrinkle filler? Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa offers a wide variety of wrinkle fillers targeted to meet our clients’ specific needs. Allergan, creators of Botox® Cosmetic, offer Juvederm® Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC. Both last up to a year and instantly smooth out moderate to severe wrinkles and folds around the nose, mouth, cheeks, and jawline. One is better for areas treated where you inject closer to the skin, and the other is used when placing the filler deeper, like nasolabial folds (lines from nose to corner of mouth) or marionette lines (lines below the corners of the mouth). Allergan’s newest filler (and offered at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa) is Juvederm Voluma™ XC. This filler is excellent to add volume to the cheeks and can last up to two years! In addition to Allergan fillers, we offer Radiesse®, Restylane®, and Belotero Balance®. All are great for nasolabial and marionette lines and specific ones also help with a pre-jowl chin, tear troughs, and vertical lip lines. We feel very strongly about customizing our patients’ treatment plans to meet their very specific needs. No one filler is perfect for every patient and/or every area.Number of syringes needed? A single syringe can work wonders when pinpointed to a precise area, whereas a single syringe spread around will minimize its effect all over and the desired results won’t appear to last as long. For our more mature clients, yes, a single syringe will certainly do something nice, but with deeper creases and more to treat, even a small amount of that dissipation can leave a client wanting more. We usually recommend most of our clients get two syringes. Each syringe is only about a teaspoon of product and we feel our clients will be happier with both syringes. On the other hand, a younger person might feel very happy with only one syringe, since they may not have very deep lines or loss of volume.Still have more wrinkle filler questions and concerns? Call our office to set up a complimentary consultation with our Patient Care Coordinator. She can help answer your questions, come up with a treatment plan, and print out a price quote for you.

Dr. Deborah Manjoney’s model of excellence is continually implemented through the best training and education for the doctors, physician assistants, and nurses performing these and other treatments. Remember, not all injectors are the same – be sure you get your wrinkle relief treatments done by a highly trained injector at a true medical spa with an onsite doctor.

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Dr. Deborah Manjoney is a board-certified surgeon and physician with extensive training, including cardiothoracic surgery. She founded the Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa in 2002, where she specializes in vein treatments and minimally invasive aesthetic procedures. Dr. Manjoney is nationally recognized, having spoken at conferences, received awards, and contributed to medical publications.