Banish Dry Skin this Winter! Our Favorite Home Remedies and In-Office TreatmentsMilwaukee

//Banish Dry Skin this Winter! Our Favorite Home Remedies and In-Office Treatments

Banish Dry Skin this Winter! Our Favorite Home Remedies and In-Office Treatments

For those with oily skin, the colder months can be incredibly challenging to navigate. For those with dry skin, the colder months represent an intense battle. Thankfully, there are ways you can combat the discomfort and unappealing sight of dryness during the winter. Consider the following ways you can banish dry skin this winter with home remedies and in-office treatments.

1. Sleep with a Humidifier

The average person spends a significant amount of time in bed throughout the duration of their lifetime. You can actually care for your skin as you’re fast asleep in bed. For starters, sleep with a satin or silk pillowcase as cotton only pulls moisture away from your skin. Purchase a humidifier. You can place a small one by your bedside or invest in a larger one that circulates throughout the home. A humidifier will help to increase the moisture and humidity in the air.

2. Use a Richer Moisturizer

We always recommend using a richer moisturizer in the winter months.  A richer moisturizer is incredibly appropriate for anyone who feels their skin is dryer in the winter to help lock in moisture.  For example, if you use a product like Epionce Renewal Lotion, we will usually want you to bump up to the Epionce Renewal Cream.  When you get out of the shower, be sure to keep your body lotion nearby to apply as soon as possible as moisturizers are most effective when they’re applied to slightly damp skin.  This applies to the face as well – after showering, apply all of your vitamin Cs, serums, and other products, using your moisturizer last.

3. Get Custom Facial Treatments

By visiting one of the medical aestheticians at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, you’ll be able to get customized facials and treatments that can soothe and combat the harsh impact of the cold air. The Hydrafacial MD is one of our popular treatments that will leave your skin glowing and rejuvenated. Your skin is a worthy investment to prioritize. Increase your level of self-care by getting professional treatments administered to your skin.

4. Avoid Hot Water

Hot water is nice for providing steam. However, you don’t want to apply hot water directly to your skin. Once you turn on the shower, let the hot water run in order to generate steam. Just before you hop in, turn the water down to a warm temperature. You’ll still be able to loosen the dirt and cleanse your skin. This method will help you to avoid stripping your skin of the moisture it desperately needs.

5. Exfoliate Carefully

If you pay attention to the skincare trends, you’ll see that acids are having a major moment. A lot of people are enjoying over-the-counter acids like glycolic acid, tranexamic acid, and others to exfoliate their skin, get rid of dead skin cells, and encourage cell turnover. Not only do we want you to proceed with caution in the colder months, but we recommend using medical-grade products as opposed to over-the-counter so we can help users find something safe and tailored to your specific needs. When these and other products are not used correctly, it can exacerbate problem areas and irritate dry skin.

6. Remember SPF

As you work to protect your skin, remember to always wear sunscreen. Even though the temperature drops, the sun can still do its fair share of damage. In addition to sunscreen and using these methods to banish dry skin, you’ll be able to maintain a youthful glow all the way into swimsuit season.

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