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Alastin TransForm Body Treatment

We have been performing body contouring treatments for a long time and are quite experienced when it comes to giving you the best results possible.  The skin care company Alastin has become a Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa favorite as most of our patients use the Alastin Skin Nectar and Alastin Restorative Serum.  We love [...]

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Alastin™ Skincare: The Products You Need in Your Fall Regimen

Even though you might still be enjoying the warm weather, it’s not too early to start digging out your cooler-weather skincare products. It’s also a great time to start revamping if you’re looking for something new. Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa offers Alastin Skincare, a highly-advanced, physician-grade skincare line designed to be used in tandem [...]

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Summer: What Treatments Will Help Me Stay On Top of My Skin?

When summer hits in Wisconsin, Wisconsinites take full advantage.  From cookouts, going up north, festivals, going out on your boat, we know you will be exposing your skin to the sun.  Typically, our lasers go silent- especially AFT- in the summer.  A good majority of our patients receive AFT starting in the fall months to [...]

Get Your Skin Ready for Summer

It might feel like winter is still hanging on, but summer is on its way! That means more time with friends and family; more vacations; and more of your day spent soaking up that beautiful sunshine. But while you’re ready for summer, ask yourself, “Is my skin ready?” The cold air and overactive [...]

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Targeting Melasma with the New Spectra Laser

Melasma is a pigment disorder that affects mainly women. It causes dark skin discoloration most often on the face, but also sometimes on the neck, chest or arms. Melasma can occur in any ethnic group, with darker skinned individuals often having more apparent pigment irregularities. Although the etiology of melasma isn’t totally clear, [...]

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The Beauty Behind Therapeutic Facials

The word "facial" is one which can be interpreted many ways. Many salons offer different types of facials as part of their portfolio of services. While these often feel luxurious and relaxing, they don't always provide a huge benefit for your skin. At our medispa in Pewaukee, we offer a variety of therapeutic facials. These [...]

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Acne: What’s The Deal?

Most patients attribute their acne breakouts to oily skin, hormones during a menstrual cycle or stress. Acne patients buy multiple products for acneic skin that include salicylic acid, benzoyl peroxide and sometimes even just dousing the lesions with alcohol. This causes a stripping of the acid mantel (a slightly acidic film that protects your skin [...]

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Why We Love Alastin

By: Leece LoCoco We encounter many different skincare products here at Wisconsin Vein Center & Medi Spa. It was a new day when we were approached by representatives from a new skincare company better known as, Alastin. They claimed to have a product that would rock the retail world of aesthetics and boy, they did [...]

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Sunscreen for Every Skin Type

Keeping your skin protected from the sun is crucial, and daily use of sunscreen is the best way to do that. With so many sunscreen products on the market, it's important to understand which are most effective. Just as you read food labels to understand the nutrition facts, you should also read the [...]

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Products We Love: Nectifirm®

Our patients often come to us searching for in-office treatments, but great skincare doesn't stop there! We offer a full line of products from leading brands. When used in combination with our in-office treatments, these products can help deliver phenomenal results for a variety of concerns. As we age, there are certain areas [...]

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6 Tips For Winter Skin Home Care

This cold weather can really get one feeling blue. Seriously, if you don’t have to be here enduring the cold, don’t stay  :-)   Chapped lips. Chapped hands. Chapped faces. Although Wisconsin has had a seasonably warm winter so far, the dry, chapped nature of our skin still exists. So what can you do about [...]

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Dye VL treatment

Our skin suffers daily from damage caused by intrinsic and extrinsic factors. There are many options available today to prevent and reverse visible skin damage. A good skin care regimen is the most beneficial for prevention and should be used in conjunction with medical based light treatments. The Wisconsin Vein Center and MediSpa now offers [...]

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