Sentient Sculpt vs. CoolSculpting: Which Body Sculpting Device is Right for Me?

Non-surgical body contouring is becoming one of the most popular types of aesthetic treatments available. The biggest benefit of body sculpting devices is that there’s no downtime involved, unlike invasive surgeries that can require significant recovery. If you’re looking to get rid of stubborn fat, stretched skin, or cellulite, then you might feel a little overwhelmed with selecting a body contouring device out of the many available. At Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, two of our most popular body contouring devices are CoolSculpting and Sentient Sculpt. Here’s what to know about these two options and which one is best for your specific concerns.

Cellulite and Loose Skin: Sentient Sculpt

Deep under your skin is a matrix of collagen and elastin, two proteins that give your skin its suppleness when you’re young. Over time, this matrix begins to break down, allowing your skin to sag. Sentient Sculpt uses Precision-GigaWave technology to improve collagen production and cause the matrix to contract, pulling the skin tighter over time. Traditionally, surgery has been the most effective way to get rid of sagging skin, but more and more devices are becoming capable of tightening skin with noticeable results – Sentient Sculpt is one of them!

Sentient Sculpt is also one of the most effective options for cellulite. Cellulite is caused by fibrous bands that tether the skin to the deeper tissue layers, and surrounding these bands is subcutaneous fat. When fat pushes the skin outward, the tethers remain in place and pull areas of the skin downward, leading to the dimpled appearance we know as cellulite. Sentient Sculpt can destroy these fibrous bands, reducing the appearance of dimpling and creating smoother skin. So, if cellulite and loose skin are your main concerns, Sentient Sculpt may be the best option for you.

Stubborn Fat: CoolSculpting

Prior to CoolSculpting, liposuction was the primary way of getting rid of stubborn fat. CoolSculpting’s biggest benefit is that it requires no downtime, incisions, or injections – it simply administers controlled cooling energy to subcutaneous fat cells, causing them to crystalize and be removed from the body. The result is better definition and a slimmer look to areas where you might naturally carry stubborn fat or be left with fat pockets after weight loss or pregnancy.

If you’re looking for the most effective way to get rid of stubborn fat, it’s hard to beat CoolSculpting. As the device that transformed an industry, it’s extremely good at producing noticeable results. With CoolSculpting Elite (the next generation platform), you can even target multiple areas at once for faster results. If you’re looking for the best way to reduce fat anywhere on the body, then CoolSculpting remains the #1 choice.

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