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What You Should Know About Harmony AFT™

If you’ve heard of or tried IPL treatments, then you should know about the next best technology when it comes to photo-rejuvenation. This system takes IPL techniques to the next level, and can offer a wide variety of treatments for a wide variety of problem areas. Here’s what you should know about this option to repair your summer damage and get your skin ready for the holidays.

What is AFT?

AFT stands for Advanced Fluorescence Technology, available with the Harmony system from ALMA Lasers. It’s known as the next generation of IPL photo-rejuvenation treatments because it covers a wider range of wavelengths than traditional laser rejuvenation treatments, meaning more light energy can penetrate the skin, creating greater results in treating pigmentation. It accomplishes this through converting shorter wavelengths into usable ones, meaning your treatment becomes more powerful and effective with our Harmony system.

ipl photo facial milwaukeeWhat can it treat?

AFT is one of the best options for pigmentation like rosacea, redness, dark spots, sun damage, and pigmented lesions. It can also reduce facial and spider veins through the same methods, making this system one of the most versatile technologies available. Overall, if you’re looking to even out your skin tone and reduce blemishes, AFT might be your best option.

What is treatment like?

The best part about this system is that treatment sessions are quick, easy, and effective. Most patients undergo a treatment session of around thirty minutes, depending on the treatment area. There’s no downtime required, however, and you can return for a package of treatments to boost your results and touch up any problem areas. Most patients undergo 3 treatments for best results, which can be nearly half the amount associated with other IPL treatments. There is little pain and some patients describe it as a small rubber-band ‘snap’ against the skin. We supply a topical numbing cream for comfort prior to the treatment.

What happens after treatment?

For a few days after a treatment session, you will need to avoid sun exposure and regularly use SPF, since UV exposure can cause the treated skin to become pigmented. You will also need to avoid certain skincare products that can affect your treatment area and its cell turnover, but our clinicians will make sure you have a specific list of things to avoid. We generally recommend you space out your treatment sessions around four weeks apart in order to give your skin time to rejuvenate.

If you’re looking for the best treatment for your pigmentation, the AFT treatments might be for you. To schedule a consultation at our Pewaukee office, contact us by calling or filling out our online form.

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