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Women’s hormone levels are affected by many causes, such as menopause, cancer treatments, childbirth, medications or chronic illnesses.  When this occurs, the vaginal and bladder walls become thin and inflamed, causing pain, irritation, and urinary incontinence.  The vaginal loses natural lubrication and elasticity, making sexual relations painful.  The symptoms of vaginal atrophy can negatively impact feelings of self-confidence, quality of life and interpersonal relations.

Until recently, there were few minimally invasive options available to address sexual and bladder health. Femilift, advanced technology developed by Alma Lasers, has helped countless women “turn back the hands of time” and regain sexual and bladder function.  Although not yet approved for any specific medical diagnosis, treated women notice significant improvement in vaginal atrophy, reduced pain during sex, improved vaginal tome, and bladder continence.  Femilift is a quick office procedure performed with no down time and minimal risks. The Femilift uses pixel CO2 technology and is the most versatile laser available for vaginal and bladder symptoms.


An Innovative Solution for Intimate Concerns

Femilift is a nonsurgical laser treatment for intravaginal use. Women with mild to moderate vaginal and bladder changes that occur with aging, childbirth, or hormone loss may benefit from this therapy.  This procedure is pioneered by Alma Lasers and utilizes fractionated CO2 laser energy to gently stimulate the production of new collagen and elastin tissue in the vaginal walls.  The same technology used for several decades on the face is now delivered through a vaginal probe to improve vaginal tissue. Femilift is a 10-minute office procedure which has been shown to improve tissue tone and elasticity and alleviate symptoms of vaginal discomfort, dryness, laxity or urinary incontinence.  Dr. Davis is a leader in this treatment and utilizes her 25 years as a board-certified gynecologist to provide the best option for your symptoms.


The internet is swarming with advice for managing hormone imbalance – much of it is confusing, contradictory and overwhelming. Here we recognize that every woman is unique and deserves a personalized care plan. You will not be rushed through a 15 or 20-minute appointment.  We will perform a thorough evaluation of your symptoms and offer the best options to fit your individual needs.  With 30 years of experience in women’s health, Dr. Davis will guide you through this transitional period toward better health and quality of life.

Joy Shot

PRP (platelet-rich plasma) is being increasingly utilized for medical treatments.  Your own PRP can be injected into the clitoral and anterior vaginal tissue to increase blood flow and new tissue formation to improve blood flow and support.  For more information, schedule a consultation.

vFit Plus

Experience professional feminine rejuvenation results at home! Presenting vFit Plus, by the makers of Joylux, designed by OBYGNS.

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