At Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa, we are proud to offer many ways to help you pay for your cosmetic visits. We have a few different options to meet your individual needs:




CareCredit offers no-interest payment plans. There are no up-front costs, no pre-payment penalties and no annual fees. CareCredit works just like a credit card, but is exclusive for healthcare services. For more information or to apply, call office at 262-236-5179 or visit


All Procedures Performed In This Office Are Elective

It is your decision whether you wish to proceed with any recommended treatment. Therefore, it is the policy of this office, that any payment for services is due at the time of the procedure. If you are unable to pay in full, then treatment will be postponed until you can pay. We will assist you, if needed, to apply for financing through CareCredit.

We sell graduated compression hoses purely for the convenience of our patients. We will not bill the insurance company for your hose even if you believe that it is a covered expense. We will provide you with a prescription, and you may have it filled at one of several specialized pharmacies in the area.

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