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//How to Avoid Dry Winter Skin

How to Avoid Dry Winter Skin

Wintertime brings along a lot of distresses that you need to be prepared for. Dry skin is one of the byproducts of the cold weather. Dry skin is irritating and unappealing, leaving those with it feeling self-conscious. However, it can be avoided. Here are some helpful tips that will assist you in avoiding itchy, dry skin this winter season.

Switch To Oil-Based Lotions

Many lotions that are used daily are water-based. These don’t hold up well in the tough winter months. Instead, you should switch to using an oil-based lotion. These are typically marketed as nighttime lotions or night creams. They provide a necessary protective layer for the skin, whereas water-based lotions do not. The protective layer helps to trap moisture into the skin, keeping it hydrated.

Wear Gloves

The skin on your hands is one of the thinnest layers of skin on your body. It has fewer oil glands than other regions which makes it more difficult to maintain moisture. When the cool dry weather of winter hits, this can lead to excess cracking and itchiness of your hands. To avoid these issues, you should be wearing gloves when you go outside.

Use Humidifiers

Wintertime means that you’re going to be cranking up the heat in your home. With space heaters and central heating units, you’re essentially blasting hot air that is dry throughout your home. Humidifiers help to put moisture back into the air which works to prevent your skin from drying out. It’s a great idea to consider placing multiple humidifiers throughout your home to help disperse the moisture more evenly.

Consider Regular Dermaplaning Treatments

If you have fallen victim to dry, rough skin, then it’s time to book an appointment at Wisconson Vein Center & Medispa. We can utilize a procedure called dermaplaning that will remove dead skin cells from your face. If your skin is considerably dry, you can consider adding in a HydraFacial to enhance the results.

Avoid Hot Baths

After a freezing day of being outdoors, a really hot shower or bath may seem like the perfect solution. While the heat may initially feel good on your body, it can break down the lipid’s barrier on your skin. This can lead to moisture loss. Instead, opt for just warm water that will warm your body up while keeping your skin moisturized.

Avoid Harsh Cleansers

Most soaps and face cleansers can dry out skin. However, exfoliants, alchohol-based cleansers, and scented soaps are especially irritating and dry out skin easily. During the winter months, trade out these harsh cleansers for gentle ones that are fragrance free. A body wash or shower gel may be better than bar soaps because they usually contain more ingredients that moisturize. Along with this, exfoliate less in the winter. Exfoliators are great for cleaning out pores but they also dry-out skin. Limit exfoliating to once or twice a week during the harsh winter months to keep skin hydrated.

Request a Consultation

No one likes having dry skin, especially in the cold winter months. There are many things that you can do to prevent having dry skin as you learned above. The more practices that you can implement, the better off your skin will be this winter season. To get more tips and treatments for dry skin, contact our team at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa. We will recommend the best treatments for your skin and lifestyle.

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