The appearance of a double chin is one common complaint that can greatly affect your profile. Both men and women often experience self-consciousness due to a double chin and wish for a solution. Stubborn fat can collect under the chin due to genetics, age, or weight fluctuations and this area can be nearly impossible to tone with diet and exercise. After all, how many chin exercises do you know of? One of the exciting treatments to get rid of stubborn double chin is Kybella. Kybella is an FDA- approved injectable treatment designed to reduce the fat under the chin. Kybella is an injectable formula that can break down your stubborn fat cells, slimming the area over time. This can be a great alternative for those who have mild amounts of stubborn fat under the chin or those that do not want to undergo a surgical procedure. Treatment with Kybella is quick with minimal discomfort, so it can be fit into even the busiest schedules. Because fat cells cannot return once they are destroyed and eliminated, Kybella offers a long-term solution to your submental fullness.  You can then enjoy a slimmed-down chin for a better profile and younger appearance. Most patients will see significant results approximately three months after the injection series, but almost all patients will need a second set of injections to see ideal results.  Further sessions can continue to improve outcomes for some individuals.

During the procedure, a template is placed on the fatty area to help determine the volume of Kybella that needs to be injected, and the extent of the side-to-side treatment area.  Multiple small, almost painless injections are then performed rapidly by our master injectors, completing the entire protocol in a short treatment time.

Even though Kybella is a permanent solution for under chin fat, clients should commit to a healthy lifestyle to prevent weight gain and medical grade products to maintain healthy skin.  A second set of injections is planned at about 2 months to complete the treatment, and follow up photos are scheduled around  3 months when we see the full effect.  Patients who participated in Kybella trials reported high rates of satisfaction even two years after the procedure.

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