Kybella-SmallKybella for Chin Fat Reduction

One of the exciting treatments to get rid of stubborn double chin is Kybella.  Kybella is a new, FDA- approved injectable treatment designed to reduce the fat under the chin.

Kybella contains deoxycholic acid, a special compound that destroys fat cells.  Once it is injected into the submental (under chin) area, the acid quickly attacks the fat cells, which are eventually processed and removed by the body. Most patients will see significant results approximately three months after the injection series, but almost all patients will need a second set of injections to see ideal results.  Further sessions can continue to improve outcomes for some individuals.

During the procedure, a template is placed on the fatty area to help determine the volume of Kybella that needs to be injected, and the extent of the side-to-side treatment area.  Multiple small, almost painless injections are then performed rapidly by the physician, completing the entire protocol in about 5 minutes.

After the injections, a bit of burning discomfort may be felt at the injection sites.  Within a few hours, swelling of the area will be apparent as the desired inflammation of the tissue takes place.  This swelling may last for several days, but discomfort resolves very quickly.  The inflammation seems to play a role in tightening the skin as the fat dissolves over the next several weeks.  A second set of injections is planned at about 2 months, with any inconsistencies in the result then adjusted by placement of the additional product.

Kybella is a permanent solution for under chin fat.  The fat is gone once it is treated.  However, clients should commit to a healthy lifestyle to prevent weight gain.  Patients who participated in Kybella trials reported high rates of satisfaction even two years after the procedure.

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