Med Spa in Pewaukee, WI

Wisconsin Vein and MediSpa Center was started by Dr. Deborah Manjoney in 2002 so that those in Pewaukee and surrounding areas could benefit from a MediSpa that combines the comfort of a spa with the expertise of medical procedures. This med spa in Pewaukee offers much more than a traditional spa can in terms of the latest and most advanced treatments and procedures. You can book a treatment during your lunch hour and return to your work feeling and looking rejuvenated, since most procedures do not have a downtime.

Several skin and medical issues like vein diseases, pigmentation, wrinkles and hair removal can be addressed at the state of art Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa. Patients in Pewaukee can speak with Dr. Manjoney and her team who will listen attentively to your skin problems and goals before customizing a rejuvenating treatment for you. Looking for a Med Spa in Pewaukee? Learn more about our treatment options and schedule your personalized consultation today:

Facial Procedures

Age, genetics, weight loss, pregnancy, and sun damage are just some of the reasons why you might see changes in your facial skin and features. A lot of people are looking for treatments that can help them with wrinkles, fine lines, drooping eyelids, and sagging skin. Dr. Manjoney and her team understand your problems before coming up with the best solution which not only takes care of these issues but also gives you a healthy and glowing skin. Here are some of the procedures that are offered at Pewaukee:


We offer a variety of lasers for laser skin resurfacing and skin tightening. Improve signs of aging and other skin concerns with the following lasers in Pewaukee:


Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy because the treatment triggers the body’s natural healing response and production of new collagen. Collagen is one of two important proteins in the skin (along with elastin) that is responsible for your skin’s plump, firm, smooth texture. We offer three different forms of microneedling in Pewaukee:

Facials and Chemical Peels

Our facial rejuvenation procedures can cleanse, exfoliate, and nourish the skin to restore a healthy, radiant complexion. You can enjoy the following facial treatments in Pewaukee:


The cosmetic industry is better able to deal with aging signs today due to the use of neuromodulators and dermal fillers. When injected by a trained and experienced staff, fillers like Juvederm and Botox help patients in Pewaukee achieve the results they desire. The main reason why patients in Wisconsin have faith in the Wisconsin vein center & spa is because patient care is optimal and the team listens to your problems patiently before a customized treatment plan is decided upon. Here are the procedures you can choose from:

Body Procedures

Most people today are struggling with some body area that they do not like or where stubborn fat refuses to budge from. Weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding are just some of the times when the body changes drastically. If you are also looking for a procedure which helps you contour your body into a shape you desire, the Wisconsin vein center & spa is the best place for you to be. Your problems are evaluated by the highly experienced staff who understand your goals perfectly before suggesting the best procedure in your case. Patients in Pewaukee can choose from:

Vein Treatments in Pewaukee

Venous diseases are common today and there could be various reasons for them. Dr. Manjoney understands the importance of finding the root cause of the condition to ascertain whether it is cosmetic or if an underlying problem requires attention. Once the diagnosis is complete, the expert team will offer you the best treatment.

About Pewaukee, WI

Pewaukee is a city in the Waukesha county of Wisconsin. The largest churches in the Milwaukee area, Spring Creek Church is located here. The Hindu Temple of Wisconsin is also located here. Pewaukee is also the world headquarters of Harken, Inc., a manufacturer of yacht gear and sailboats.

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