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Thank you for your information. Someone will be in contact with you soon. As promised, here is our “3 Steps To Great Skin” paper. Feel free to click on the link below for a printable copy.​

Step one: Complete Skin Analysis

Why take our word for it? The proof is in the science, and Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa has the training, technology, and data.

To get a comprehensive explanation of your skin’s condition, a medical technician will start your treatment process by discussing your concerns and using a wood’s lamp to understand the composition of your skin. We use this device to help us make an evaluation so we can customize treatment for your specific skin. She will also clarify questions every step of the way, discuss the results you’d like to see, and begin to recommend results-oriented treatments and products.

Step two: In-Office Treatments

With your treatment plan in place, it’s time to get targeted results. Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa offers a highly advanced suite of services, centered around your exact needs using the most targeted, effective means possible.

Hyperpigmentation, fine lines, rosacea:

Many people see signs of aging because of cumulative effects of sun exposure. This may be apparent in “age spots” or darker pigment discoloration of the skin. Fine lines may be present. Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment is an excellent way to combat these concerns. IPL uses multispectrum light, with special filters that are customized to your skin, to deliver light energy that will be attracted to the darker pigment and redness of the skin. By delivering this therapeutic energy, IPL will make the pigment spots get temporarily darker, and rise to the surface where they will flake off and disappear after several days. Skin tone will even out as the redness and small vessels disappear. The thermal energy delivered causes stimulation of collagen, leading to firmer, younger appearing skin. We have chosen the advanced fluorescent technology of the Alma Harmony platform to deliver multispectrum intense pulsed light.


Skin Laxity:

Skin tends to show the effects of gravity and loss of supportive fat as we age. This is especially obvious in the face and neck. Heating the skin to a specified temperature, and maintaining it for several minutes, stimulates collagen to produce tightening of loose skin. We use several devices that deliver Radiofrequency (RF) energy to achieve tightening of the face, neck, and body. Exilis Elite, Pelleve, and Vanquish are the devices that use RF energy. In addition, Near Infra Red (NIR) light delivery can accomplish similar results in facial skin using the Alma Soprano device.


Acne, dull appearing skin:

We offer several therapeutic facials and chemical peels to improve the quality of the skin, hydrate and exfoliate. Dermaplane is a gentle mechanical exfoliation that leaves the skin baby soft b removing the dead epidermis, or outer layer of the skin. Dermasound is a device that uses the power of ultrasound for deep cleansing followed by enhanced penetration of products customized to the individual. Hydrafacial equipment uses gentle jets of water to exfoliate and hydrate, and to deliver moisturizing agents to the skin. Many chemical peels address skin problems from acne to sagging skin. These are customized to your individual concerns.

Scarring, wrinkles, lines, surface textural irregularities:

Skin scars and textural issues may require laser resurfacing for the most noticeable improvement. Non-ablative and ablative fractional laser resurfacing accomplishes this with a series of treatments that will have no associated or minimal social downtime. The Alma Harmony Pixel Q-switched Yag laser treatment leaves the skin surface intact, while delivering streams of laser energy to deeper layers, yielding tightening, line improvement, and reduced pigment irregularities. No recovery time is needed. Surface texture problems and acne scarring improve with the fractional ablative Alma Harmony Erbium Pixel laser. Ablative means removing skin, but only columns of injury are delivered, leaving interspersed islands of normal skin from which healing can proceed. Healing occurs in about 5 days.

Step three: At-home Care

What starts at Wisconsin Vein Center & MediSpa continues at home.

You’re not going to take up residence at our facility (although it is quite relaxing!), but you can take purchased products to use at home to enhance your treatments. These medical grade products are carefully selected for their higher levels of active ingredients and their ability to bring faster, more noticeable results than those found in drug and department stores.

Still have questions? Call us at 262-236-5179 and be on your way to healthier, younger-looking skin!

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