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Alastin TransForm Body Treatment

We have been performing body contouring treatments for a long time and are quite experienced when it comes to giving you the best results possible.  The skin care company Alastin has become a Wisconsin Vein Center & Medispa favorite as most of our patients use the Alastin Skin Nectar and Alastin Restorative Serum.  We love it so much that Alastin declared us Ambassadors! This means we get exclusive information on what new innovative products are in the pipeline.  Recently we brought on the Alastin TransForm body treatment.   This product is revolutionary and completely fills a need in the retail aspect of the non-invasive body contouring market.

I am asked at almost every appointment for body contouring “what can I do at home to get results faster” and I now have an answer.  Alastin TransForm Body Treatment is a product that is especially geared towards areas you have received treatment that puts fat cells in programmed cell death (apoptosis).  When we perform CoolSculpting, we are freezing your fat cells and then rupturing the cell wall by using the Zimmer Zwave.  This rupture of the cell wall then begins the process of cell death.  As cell death begins, lysosomes turn the fat into fatty acids.  As this happens, macrophages come to eat the fatty acids thus ridding your body of the fat cell entirely.

Alastin TransForm body treatment assists the lysosomes in converting the fat into fatty acids faster.  The faster this process happens, the quicker the macrophages get to work!  What makes this product even more amazing is that it contains the TriHex Technology for maximum firming and tightening of areas on the skin.

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